3D Printing for Trade Fair Applications


Trade fairs are pivotal moments for businesses to showcase their products, network with potential clients, and stay ahead in their industries. By making displaying products and prototypes practical and cost-effective, 3D printing has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of trade fair applications.

CDM Stravitec, a company which specializes in noise and vibration isolation systems, made a tailormade product for structural isolation of a specific building. The complex one-off design involves a lot of steel which makes it very, very heavy, and impractical to showcase it at trade fairs. Given the level of know-how required to design this complex product, it’s a missed opportunity not to showcase it during trade fairs. Bring in 3D printing (and a lot of know how in that field*)!

Stravitec Stravibase mockup 2
Stravitec Fix mockup 8

The Replica

Kreate 3D would make a lightweight version of the products and adhering to the following requirements:


  1. The finish must be life-like and near-indistinguishable from the real thing.
  2. The functionality of the product must be preserved.
  3. The replica should be modular, allowing visual access to the internal parts.
  4. It must be light for frequent transport to Canada and between trade fairs.

Concrete Base

Constructed from wood and finished with a light concrete lookalike. The base was also fitted with the required mounts.

Stravitec Fix & concrete block


Printed from bio-based PLA and finished to resemble galvanized steel.

Stravitec Fix mockup 6
Stravitec Stravibase mockup 6


Printed from a strong photopolymer and finished with the same (brand) colors as the original steel springs by using RAL codes.

3D printed springs

Modular Parts

While almost all the 3D models could be obtained by converting the original designs, the modular design was not. We adjusted the original files to feature some removable parts.

Stravitec Stravibase mockup 7

Logo and Product Visuals

This is a showpiece for CDM Stravitec and 3D printed logos will make them standout.

Stravitec Fix mockup 5

What can we do for you?

Prototype Development
Traditionally, creating prototypes for trade fairs could be time-consuming and costly. However, with 3D printing, we can rapidly produce prototypes with intricate details, enabling our customers to showcase their products with accuracy and sophistication.

Interactive Displays
3D printing allows for the creation of interactive displays that captivate attendees’ attention. Whether it’s through tactile models, moving parts, or augmented reality integrations, 3D-printed exhibits offer a dynamic and immersive experience that traditional displays often lack.

On-Demand Production
With 3D printing, we can produce items on-demand, eliminating the need for excess inventory and reducing waste. This flexibility ensures that our customers can adapt quickly to changing market demands and showcase their latest innovations at trade fairs.

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