Efficient 3D printing for quantities big or small

The advantages of SERIAL PRODUCTION with 3D PRINTING

Low set-up costs

 No expensive and hidden entry costs, which you might experience with injection moulding.


Choose the exact amount that perfectly fits your needs and budget. Forget about surpluses.

Time Saving

With 3D printing, the production of ordered parts will lead towards time saving. Kreate takes care of the whole process!

Complex models

Thanks to 3D printing, complexity issues with molding manufacturing belongs to the past.

3D print beker


Serial production with 3D printing is bridging the gap between prototyping and production. There are no tooling costs involved, meaning products are brought to market at a much faster rate and thus are manufactured in a complete, efficient way. At the same time you choose the exact amount that fits your needs and budget perfectly, surpluses belong to the past.

3D Printing materials and processes

At Kreate 3D, we offer a wide range of different in-house 3D printing processes and materials. Our machinery exists out of FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) and MSLA printing (Mask Stereolithography). This allows us to 3D print with strong, lightweight, functional, aesthetical, high-detailed, complex and flexible materials for all kinds of projects and applications.