Kreate developed together with Infinite Universe a geodesic dome for their music event in the heart of Mechelen city.


A musical journey through time and space was the main theme of the music event Infinite Universe 2019, held in the heart of Mechelen. The decoration was a crucial  aspect for the music event to bring their theme alive. With this theme in our mind, our designers started developing a geodesic dome that can be seen as a spacelander. During the event, the spacelander was used for a small-scale preparty and ticketbooth. The joints were designed by our team and completely 3D printed, while the beams are made from timber wood.

Client: Infinite Universe

Date: September 2019

• Dimensions: 4,00 m diameter

• Printtime: 216 hours (9 days)

• Printed material:  2,8 kg PLA filament & white painted timber wood.