After successfully designing 3 statues for a chapel in Keerbergen, we were contacted by a priest in Zonhoven. A planned extension of the Sint-Quintinus church, by which 2 new altars would be installed, triggered him into searching for inspiring ways to decorate them. 

Normally, statues are carved out of stone or wood. The result might be spectacular, but very cost-, time- or resource-efficient it is not. Make one mistake and you can start over. Once a carve is set, it can hardly be changed afterwards. You design and produce the statue at the same time. That is why he got in contact with Kreate 3D. 

Carlo Acutis Tekening


After hearing about us through a previous client, who provided us with our previous statue-related project,  he reached out via email. He wanted to fashion two statues, one of Saint Maria Amandina, the other of Carlo Acutis, an Italian 16-year old who died of Leukimia in 2006. He was anointed to sainthood last year, as he managed to involve and reform a large group of people to the Catholic Church. This recent development meant that no other statues of this young man were available, so we had to think from scratch. 



According to Wim, such a modern, new saint deserved a modern approach to honor him. We searched for as much 2D photographic material of Carlo online, in order to design a complete and detailed 3D model. 

The statue is 100 cm in height and are printed at an accuracy of 0.2 mm. As a final touch, we deployed our in-house post-processing techniques in order to apply color and a smooth finish to both statues. The material used and production techniques might be very different to a more classic approach, but the finished products look just as good!

Carlo Acutis 3D render

III. The Outcome

Sometimes, old and new go very well together! We are overjoyed to play a part in honoring a modern, technologically minded man’s entrance into sainthood. At the same time, we again proved the added value of our in-house, end-to-end service, as this project cas delivered in a much more cost- and time-efficient way. Can we assist you with a similar project or idea? Or would you like to fully customize an object you own? Get in touch with us!

Carlo Acutis Resultaat
Carlo Acutis

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