Earnie, mascot of Earnieland

Have you ever heard of Earnieland? It is a Belgian E-commerce service that gets you discounts when shopping online through certain websites since 2016. To spread this glorious message, they have created Earnie, their lovely squirrel mascot.

So far, they created him digitally and as a costume, but he was nowhere to be seen when you would visit the company offices. To make him a little more visible inside the company, Earnieland decided to bring the digital mascot to life by the powers of 3D printing!

Brand hero statue


Armed with an archive of 2D and 3D renderings of Earnie, they got in touch with us in order to see what was feasible. We got back to them with positive feedback, and were excited to start executing this project. Normally we pride ourselves on a very short lead time, but this was not the case here by design. As there was no deadline, we took our time in trying to perfect the overall shape and print for the best possible result.

As the first three Earnies will be used to decorate the offices of the CEO and management team of the company, we wanted to make sure it can certainly be used as a signboard for the company during every meeting and video call they have every day.


For projects like this, PLA is a go-to material. You are guaranteed a beautiful, smooth print that is easy to post-process, which was a very important phase of this production phase. Earnie has a very distinctive look and color scheme, and nailing these were essential. As we were making the first 3D interpretation of Earnie, we had to work with 2D renders in order to construct the full 3D model for the colors.

All Earnies are 20 cm in height, and are printed with 0.2mm of precision. We received a lot of reference material and even a 3D model in advance in order to work our magic, so we did not have too many inputs from our side in order to make it work. One thing that was essential was a supporting base, otherwise the Earnies would just fall over.

III. The Outcome

The first physical miniature Earnie mascots were a success! We were able to give him all the detail needed to give a true real-world representation of the digital Earnie, and they are ready to conquer Earnieland’s offices! Check out Earnieland’s services here. (link)

Even though we took our time on this project, the initial price agreement was respected all the way through. So no unpleasant surprises! Can we assist you with a similar project or idea? Or would you like to fully customize an object you own? Get in touch with us!

Brand hero statue

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